We are a small, family-run business with a clear philosophy - life is better with a Green Hound!

As a family of animal-lovers it's always been important to us that our dogs, as well as being our best friends, trusted confidante, and faithful, loyal companions, are also given everything they need to be healthy and happy. As humans we try to eat healthy, natural foods, stay active and enjoy our environment, why would we want different for our pets?

We are also fortunate to live on the South Coast, one of the most beautiful, natural coastlines in the world. Dog walks in our local area are a huge pleasure and filled with glorious sights and smells (so the dog says). But on these walks we also see the devastating impact people can have on the environment. It's not uncommon for us to fill our bags with discarded plastic bottles and litter by the end of our walk. From there it was easy to see where other single-use, unsustainable materials are used in the industry (try hoovering up a half-eaten dinosaur toy from under the sofa) and that inspired Big Green Hound into existence. 

Founded on three guiding principles - natural - sustainable - ethical - our product range aims to offer an alternative to disposable pet ownership. The brands we stock share our ethos of doing better for dogs, and better for our planet too, while still offering excellent quality and variety. We aren't eco-warriors, but we do firmly believe that making small changes can make a huge difference. Whether that's ditching the plastic poop bags or feeding our dogs natural chews from sustainable sources, we want to do better by our planet, one tail wag at a time!

At the moment we are a small start up, it's early days and our range will be evolving and growing as we discover what exciting new brands and products are on the market. To that end we'd love to hear from you with your suggestions for eco-focused products your dog loves that we don't stock yet!

We'd also love to connect with our customers on our social channels, so please head over to the Big Green Hound Facebook and Instagram pages if you haven't already and follow us. We'll be sharing lots of Big Green news, offers and new product information as we go and we'd love for you to join our pack!

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The Big Green Hound team