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Top five swaps to reduce your pet's eco-pawprint!

We love our pets, but sometimes we forget how much their care can impact the environment. The good news is there are lots of simple ways to make dog-ownership more sustainable, without sacrificing their comfort! In this post, we'll outline five easy swaps that will help you become a more eco-friendly dog owner.

Ditch the plastic

Cheap dog toys are one of the worst offenders when it comes to plastic waste. Not only are they easy to destroy (and therefore a waste of money), but plastics sent straight to landfill can leach harmful chemicals into our eco-system over time. Luckily there is a small but growing number of manufacturers making dog toys from sustainable and natural materials which have a significantly lower impact on the environment. Toys, like this one from Green & Wilds, are made from sustainable jute which is a tough and natural plant fibre. Not only are toys like this longer lasting, which is more cost-effective and reduces waste, they are also biodegradable and great fun! Other fantastic ways to amuse and entertain your dog sustainably include natural chews, such as wood chews and antlers, or use old cardboard packaging to make your own snuffle box!

Make the change to compostable poop bags

As any dog owner knows, dogs generate a LOT of waste!  Thankfully there are plenty of eco-friendly options when it comes to cleaning up after your dog. Biodegradable or compostable poop bags are an ideal alternative to the traditional plastic bag option which tend to end in landfill once used. Many local councils now have bins specifically for pet waste or you could even buy a special composting bin for your home to dispose of the waste. If you choose this option, please make sure you read up thoroughly and don't add the poop to your home waste compost heap!

Buy local

It is important to consider where your dog products come from and how far they must travel before arriving on the shop shelves. There are plenty of options for buying locally sourced, ethically produced, or recycled pet products which can help reduce carbon emissions from transportation and manufacturing.  What's more, with many local shops selling locally sourced products you can also reduce travelling time, as well as supporting local communities!

Get exploring!

Instead of jumping into the car to take your dog to the park for a run, why not explore your local area on foot?  Not only will you be exercising and keeping healthy, but you'll be cutting down your fuel emissions significantly. Hopefully you'll be able to discover some beautiful places around your local area. So, pack a picnic and enjoy the sunshine with your best friend at one of these amazing green spaces!

Switch to chemical-free

Making the switch to natural, chemical-free grooming products is one of the best swaps you can make. Not only is it less harsh on your dog's skin and coat, but it also reduces chemical exposure for you! For most dogs a regular grooming routine is essential, however many popular high street brands contain additional chemicals and artificial fragrances. Luckily most high street pet shops or supermarkets now offer a good range of natural grooming products, and you can also find some great products stocked here at Big Green Hound!


If you want to make the world a better place for your furry friend, try some of these simple swaps. They are easy enough that anyone can do them and will help protect our planet's resources for generations to come! 

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